Statistics, Geostatistics and Applied Geostatistics, all under the same big umbrella, are sciences that study collective phenomena and processes in order to identify the laws governing their manifestation. Statistics are structured in various areas according to the processes studied, the statistical study appealing to a vast repertoire of "tools"based on probability, generaly common for various areas of application.


Probability as  a measure of the weight of empirical evidence is a powerful tool  by which we quantify the degree of uncertainty for the results of any geological research. Any statement about probability is made in the context of a certain degree of ignorance.


Earth's research methods produce a huge volume of data that must be transformed with the help of Applied Geostatistics into conceptual models of geological processes, support for quantitative modeling of geological processes.  The applicability of Geostatistics covers areas of unimaginable diversity.

  1. Processing Methodology

  2. Design of monitoring networks

  3. 3D modeling of shallow geostructures